Free fatty acids as medicine


FFA derived from cod liver oil are active against bacteria's and fungi

Studies have shown that free fatty acids (FFA) derived from cod liver oil are active against  bacteria's and fungi as well as having antiviral activity.  Other studies have shown that many of the fatty acids found in fish oil have anti-inflammatory effects.
Free fatty acids also appear to have muscle relaxant and vasodilator effect by stimulating nitric oxide production.  That, combined with the other properties of the FFA, could make them an ideal medicine for the treatment of diseases which need inflammatory as well as muscle relaxant effects such as hemorrhoids.

Lipid Pharmaceuticals®, a resource and development company, has in cooperation with Lysi  developed an ointment containing a mixture of omega -3 FFA produced by Lysi.

In vitro experiments on the omega-3 FFA mixture have confirmed its effect on bacteria and fungi and a phase I clinical trial has demonstrated the ointment to be safe to use on humans.

Lipid Pharmaceuticals is currently planning clinical trials to investigate the effects of the ointment on foot warts and molluscum contagiosum.

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