Quality First

From its early beginnings, LYSI's operations have been based on the production of cod liver oil. The company has followed the evolution from the time when fish oil first became popular as a source of vitamins A and D, to the discovery of the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, and on to the future.

To ensure that all products are of excellent quality, LYSI practices intensive research and development. Combined with a strong QA system and backed up by the in-house laboratory, the state-of-the-art processing plants deliver products that are second to none when it comes to quality.

Intensive research activities

Throughout the years LYSI has initiated and encouraged intensive research of the products and raw material. For example LYSI was the only company of its kind that systematically checked if any pollutants were evident in fish liver. The company is leading in research on omega-3 and collaborates with research bodies worldwide.