Shark Liver Oil

Shark liver oil is thought to have a positive effect on the human immune system as it is rich in alkoxyglycerols (also known as AKG’s and Alkylglycerols). Shark Liver Oil from LYSI contains a minimum of 20% Alkoxyglycerols. The oil does not contain vitamins or omega-3 fatty acids in any considerable amount.

Following is the standard specification, which can be amended to meet customers’ requirements.

Product no. HH303 Shark Liver Oil

A pale yellow oil with a characteristic smell. The oil is produced from fresh shark livers. It is purified by short-path distillation, filtered and deodorised.

  • The Shark Liver Oil complies with EU legislation on contaminants in foodstuffs.
  • The Shark Liver Oil can be fortified with vitamins A, D and E, antioxidants and flavours.
  • The Shark Liver Oil is packed under nitrogen and can be delivered in drums, IBC’s, flexitanks or tank containers.

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Acid value (mg KOH/g) max. 0.4
Iodine value max. 130
Saponification value 125-160
Alkylglycerols % min. 20.0
Weight g/ml at 20°C approx. 0.90
Refractive Index at 20°C 1.471 – 1.474
Peroxide value (meq. O2/kg) max. 10.0
Colour: Gardner units max. 6